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Ithaca, New York is a highly diverse academic ' centered ' community, thus the widgets below are posted to keep the Ithaca / Tompkins county community up - to - date on the critical environmental facts. Also --- since they are free widgets --- you can post them to your sites as well.
The Bike Rack
BiCycles will be making larger inroads into the student markets as the tuitions increases, cuts in financial aid, health driving concerns for more excersise increases. Thus a special column, which is open to each and everyone of you to contribute is placed here.
What are the most popular bikes today? What are those who could be categorized as being the most effective designed bike? How one is able to prepare oneself and ones bike for winter? These are all in the preparation of being developed stories. Thus your imput is likewise will be most helpful.
Editorial on Baghdad

No!  This is not about our troop involvements, or what's happening within the Iraqi government to gain control over all of Iraq by the rule of law. More importantly, which you will not hear of, The University of Baghdad is Baghdad's leading cultural center and if any new cultural development is academically instituted on its campus their subsequent impact on the adjacent urban centers of this city will have a more direct bearing of what will happen in the future of Baghdad than who is now in power.


It is here where American Students / Scholars should take direct action, along with enlisting encouraging support from local campus officals to actually make direct contact with Baghdad University and developed Inter - Campus InterCultural Communications between the Students / Scholars core of the University of Baghdad and Students / Scholars on American Campuses.

The University of Baghdad was once considered the real academic gem of the Entire Arab world, and in the field of its Medical and Dental Schools, for example, world class. Its perception within its own field of developing science created the false anxieties of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the first place. Iraqi scientists were acknowledge world class achivers by most observers in the International scientific community during Sadam's regime.


I wish you all to find the one love in your lives in the future expectations for much happier lives.

Learn how to helpstop the Trafficking of Women
First here are the latest reports / press.
Then learn how to participate in of the last great struggles for Human Rights and Equality for Womyn.

Roger M. Christian

Ithaca, New York

Student / Scholar Exchange
Wanted for Graduate Study

Many Colleges and Universities have major promotional programs to attract those Undergraduate students to enrole in one of their graduate students academic degree programs. Here is where the competition which existed for going after seniors in the High Schools were high profile. These promotional programs are more low key in comparisons. It is as if you have to be an insider inorder which academic administration is really promoting its graduate degree programs.

New London Arts Grad Program.
Assistant'ships are now being offered.
What pays for your graduate degree expenses, gives you a stipen, and even by some academic institutions actual pay your travelling and moving expenses? Academic Assistant'ships. If you not heard of this. Which means you are living on the moon.

Academic Assistant'ships.
International Students Exchange Movements and Programs.
The Most visiable academic exchange program known through - out Inter-Academic International Cooperation and Joint Programs world -wide. This involves programs in which the academic institution directly sponsors, a local or national governmental agency. private individuals or foundations, and even the United Nations will initiate one or two when there is money available.
International Students / Scholars Exchange.

U.S. News and World Report releases 2010 best grad school programs

By Michelle Starr

Ivies continue to stand out as top graduate school programs in the anticipated U.S. News and World Report rankings released Friday. The list, geared for the 2010 academic year, comes at a time when more undergraduate students are prolonging their education to avoid the job market or full-time workers are looking to gain an edge through an advanced degree.

Among the standouts of this year’s list include Harvard University’s No. 1 positions for top business school and medical school research programs while Yale University took the top law school program position. UWIRE affiliates are covering the rankings.

Harvard business, medical schools top rankings
Source | Harvard Crimson
Harvard’s business and medical schools are top in the nation once again, according to rankings published by U.S. News & World Report.

U. Wisconsin programs top-rated in U.S.
Source | Badger Herald
U.S. News and World Report named several University of Wisconsin graduate programs among the best in the country as a part of its “Best Graduate Schools” 2010 list released Thursday.

U.S. News ranks U. Alabama’s law school 30th in nation
Source | The Crimson White
The University of Alabama’s School of Law is ranked 30th in the nation and the School of Library and Information Studies is ranked 22nd in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2010 edition of its annual “Best Graduate Schools” publication, according to a UA news release.

Duke's business, law schools rise in rankings
Source | Duke Chronicle
The Fuqua School of Business and the School of Law climbed two places each since last year in U.S. News and World Report's annual rankings of graduate and professional schools. Other prominent programs held steady in the index.

GW Law School ranking drops
Source | The GW Hatchet
The George Washington University Law School dropped eight spots last week in the annual U.S. News & World Report ranking of the nation's best law schools, falling from 20 to 28. The drop is a significant setback to one of the university's most prestigious programs.

Oregon U. education graduate program garners national ranking
Source | Oregon Daily Emerald
The university's College of Education was recently ranked fourth nationally for graduate schools of education by U.S. News and World Report.

For a complete ranking, please see U.S. News and World Report

Top five programs in major areas of study

Top Five Business School Programs

1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Tie between Northwestern University and University of Pennsylvania
5. Tie between Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Chicago

Top Five Law School Programs

1. Yale University
2. Harvard University
3. Stanford University
4. Columbia University
5. New York University

Top Five Medical School Programs for Research

1. Harvard University
2. Johns Hopkins University
3. Tie between University of Pennsylvania and Washington University in St. Louis
5 University of California – San Francisco

Top Five Medical School Programs for Primary Care
1. University of Washington
2. University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
3. Oregon Health and Science University
4. University of Colorado – Denver
5. University of California – San Francisco

This story was originally published by UWIRE

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