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What most authorities wish they can tell you and if they did not. here is what you must know!
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Take Back The NightLife contains essays which are being continually edited every other week or monthly. Since there are several experts, and of course all of them are proclaiming their side of the issues, they mostly exists off of grant monies and have to do this, the essays themselves should not be taken ver-batum. I have a personal code which is my adjustment or instinctual centered humility because of the subject matter which acknowledges more and more careful consideration in what I write and post on the InterNet. The points I am making are only a guide. None the less if it's range and field of what was covered brings up additional concerns of a personal nature, then you should immediately contact a campus consultant, or support social services as well. If you have your own set of excellent advise which are needed to be added you should then join both the BEBO Group and Social Go ' Take Back The NightLife Groups to facilitate a 24/7 means for careful examination [ Which also means others who are likewise members, beside myself will look at it - group dynamics. ) , and then published it on Lips Magazine. right now!
The New Basics. To Reconnect to the 60s / 70s.
Every Woman should / must be allowed to find her Big " O " 
This is her sole personal responsiablity to herself, and herself alone. Until she feels ready for this very personal self- discovery for herself in her various very sensitive needs in what her primary sexuality is, absolutely, no one should impose upon her their sexual interests. An atmosphere of ' Freedom from Anxiety ' should at all times be enveloped within her sociocultural environments.
This is her central value of Self-Discovery Rights of Determination into her full adulthood.
What is slowly evolving within Medical Sciences, even though the additional funding of follow - through medical research is needed, as this is fully understood in several other more traidtional cultures, i.e. NorthEast Thailand, is that once the Big " O " has been crossed, then easier childbirthing becomes a resulting additional, and more critical personal health centered benefit. Thus birthing pain anxieties are then lessen, if not totally gone in the approach of the second childbirth, and females anxieties towards male intent starts to disappear as the new present social phenonmena.
Every Man has an instinctual will [ Both physical and emotional ] which is physically critical in life's contributing innate aggressive physical connection to his,' OUR ' delivery system.
We should never apologies what - so - ever for being males. Why?
The Socio - Cultural KeyStone: Breaking the Superstitions, Gentleness, and Healthy Relationships.

In a very real sense every other form of male aggressive behaviorism is derived from this single aspect alone. Dysfunctions do ocuur within emotionally distrubed males, but their percentage within in the male population is far, far less than the present ethos which created the superstitions about the male gendered held by most females. Nonetheless, and what the female gender can never fully comprehend in this day and age, is the actual sexual experience has a direct --- the physically experienced ends --- connections to each male's very personal discoveries of the physical sexual innate is gentle expected [ Which during the 80s was described as wet and wild, which is the male gendered acknowledged gentle ends of agressive behavior. ] It is the sole personal experiences involved which emotionally triggers the focus which each male who becomes conscious that masculine maturity is achieved once this is shared with his partner's involved consent, only; and this only, the central pathologies involved, is the actual roots of his own personal rights of self-determination. Self - Determination is rooted in the human behavior which is acknowledged in common the real unity of society is the recognition of male / female various convenants are based upon the innate being expected gentle.

Thus public demonstrations of the social and political acknowledged conscious gentle component of his / our triggeres both the development of advanced societies, and is the actual central nexus of successful emergence of global civilizations are both depended on, the driving ' agressive ' --- note the ' word ' linkage --- impact to make of society based the condition of written laws; the codification of the expected gentle. Not by brute force or devine rights!

The ends of which is not only the full physical gratification of the resulting gentle centered self - acknowledged experience, sex, but that such experiences, and the comprehension of its innate gentle connections to how live ones life, are greatly modified by her Big " O " self - discovered experiences, including, for those who are younger, the immediate needs for continued personal --- both partner's --- matured fulfillment, are the realistic ends of expected human sexuality. Then, and only then, the focus of what is occuring within male innate drives can evolved into social acceptable norms to break-down the barriers to established the reality perceptions between what are the superstitions and what are the realities presently beleaved by the female gender; this will destroy the barriers between a males self - preception and view of being gentle contrasting to the enforced brutalities inflicted upon his persona as being gentle being judged as unmale, or faggish behavoir. This will reunite the present ethos of youth back to socio-cultural revolutions of the 1960s to 1970s --- the Students / Scholars leaders of whom made similar social discoveries, often miss interpretated as ' Free Love ', and of which was lost during the 1980s. Within the 60s /70s traditions and the emerging dynamics of personal liberation with what naturalism is gentleness itself was destroying their crises of the growing separation between the sexes before the 60s. More importantly, focusing on the here and now, as these barriers are destroyed those with dysfunctional traits will lose their smoke screens which are now hidding behind the complex anxieties of female superstitutions towards males; thus setting the stage for the final chapter to destroy the criminal element of rape.

The more reflective and honest are the social circumstances the more they create positive expression environments, as well as the more positive are his, our, potentials by the immediate comprehension that there are real basis of unity between the genders instead of contradictions; this will allow each male in achiving deep personal fullfilment of life giving contributions, the realities of sex, and the subsequent adjustments [ Such as changing the diapers. ] for fatherhood / civilization builders of society of law - shared gendered individual resulting new covenants. But not until; this will set the stage for the end of wars. The central lessons of the 1960s / 1970s.

This instinct, drive and experiences are the life valued human conscious matured behavior.
It is these two aspects which should be first and foremost consciously acknowleged, though should be making good topics in polite conversations; though presently, saddly, not acknowledged as such. None the less, their views and the refelections in which they inspire will add to a more substantial adult commitments between individuals who are cohabiting as well as in establishing additional relationships. Marriage arrangements will become more sacred and lasting as well. There are many other critical points, but with these prime and yet totally resolvable affirmations are more important understandings in the nulification of anxieties in preventing adult commitments to talk open'ly, date, form partnerships, truely fall in love, cohabit between the sexes, and then all the others will more easially fall into place.
The Four Rules for Sharing Living Arrangements
One: Draw up a monthly rotating cleaning duties roster.
Two: When sharing an apartment a joint checking account should be immediately open with each contributing equal amounts, both must sign each check, which will be used to pay for only the utility costs only. This will advoid many arguments, and will likewise prove useful in any court letigation if an unresolve dispute emerges.
Three. A he and she small bathroom cover waste disposal unit.
Four. The toilet seat is down.
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